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Spray Pure Polyurea B Component Aromatic Polyurea Spray Elastomer Most Commonly Used Chain Extender DETDA

Spray Polyurea Elastomer Technology In The B Component, Also Known As R Component, Mainly Amine Mixture, Also Mixed With Small Amounts Of Additives, Pigments And Fillers, Spray Pure Polyurea B Component Aromatic Spray Polyurea Elastomer Body Most Commonly Used Chain Extender DETDA

1. The Amino Terminated Polyether Component B Is A Mixture Mainly Composed Of A Terminal Amino Group, Or Ether Having A Molecular Weight Of Between 200 To 5000 Amino Terminated Polyoxypropylene Ethers. Amine Functional Groups Provide An Isocyanate Component NCO Groups Very Fast And Reliable Reaction.


2. The Chain Extender Diethyl Toluene Diamine (Diethyltoluene Diamine, Abbreviation DETDA) Is Spray Pure Polyurea B Component Aromatic Polyurea Spray Elastomer Most Commonly Used Chain Extender DETDA, Typically A Commodity Grades ETHACURE® 100 (For The US Manufacturer Albemarle Albemarle ™ Corporation). DETDA Introducing Rigid Segments And Improves The Thermal Properties Of The Cured Film. In Which The Mixture Of Amines Is The Most Reactive Amine Component, But Because Of Phase Separation During Curing, So It Can Control The Reaction Mechanism And Makes It Possible To Spray Polyurea Film.


Our Latest Development And Production Of The Curing Agent Chain Extender, Crosslinking Agent Diethyl Toluene Diamine DETDA, If You Want Product Information, Please Click Diethyl Toluene Diamine DETDA.

Other Chain Extenders, Such As DMTDA (Dimethylthiotoluenediamine, Typical Grades ETHACURE®300, United States Albemarle Albemarle ™ Company), DBMDA (N, N'- Dialkyl Dimethyl Aniline) And The Like Can MCDEA Significantly Slow Down The Reaction. But Slow Down The Reaction Speed Means Becomes An Important Competitive Reaction With Water, So It Is Necessary To Take Certain Precautions.

3. Additives, Fillers, Pigments In The Formulation Can Be Introduced Depending On The Application Requirements Of The Product Suitable Additives, Fillers And Pigments, Such As Wetting And Dispersing Agents, Anti-Settling Agents, Antistatic Agents And The Like. Because The Spray Viscosity Of The Two Components Must Be Controlled, So The Added Amount Of The Pigment And Filler To Be Restricted. More Fillers And Reinforcing Fillers Can Be Used As The Third Component Is Added To The System.

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