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  • Non-Toxic Phosphite Ester

Non-Toxic Phosphite Ester

  • Description:
  • Characteristics:Colorless viscous liquid
    Phosphorus content  (P%):5.20-5.90
    Refractive index η25:1.4860-1.4980
    Density g/cm3:0.95-0.98
    Heating loss (%):≤0.5
    Viscosity (mpa.s):≤300
    Country Of Origin: China
    Annual Output: 500 Tons

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Appearance:     colorless or light yellow liquid without mechanical impurity.
Phosphorous content%:     5.20-5.90
Viscosity :     ≤300
Reducing after heating:     ≤0.5%
Refractive index:     1.4860-1.4980
Density(20°C), g/cm3:     0.95-0.98

Non-Toxic Phosphite Ester Use:

1. PVC industry: food granule, pharmaceutical granule, transparent hard sheet, transparent hose, agricultural film, heat shrink film, medical glove, etc.
2. PE industry: agricultural film, etc.
3. PP industry: flame retardant packing belt, etc.
4. Other: compound liquid stabilizer, paste compound stabilizer, antioxidant for engineering plastic, antioxidant for rubber, etc.

Production situation:

The product yield: 50 tons / month

Shipping Port:  China Shanghai

Price offer is valid: 15 days

Jincang time: 15 days (commodity inspection)

Export rights: the right to import and export company



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