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Foreign Phosphate Flame Retardant Marketing Status

   With The Rapid Development Of The World Market Economy, The US, Japan And Europe Retardant Consumption Structure Has Undergone Great Changes. Organic Phosphorus Flame Retardant Consumption Steadily, Gradually Replaced The Phosphorus Flame Retardant Halogen-Containing Flame Retardants, In Particular PC / ABS And PC Plastic Recent TPP Will Almost All Use Of Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardants.

   American Chemtura And Israel Chemicals Is The World'S Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardants Main Suppliers. In Addition To The Production And Marketing Of Their Phosphate Flame Retardants, But Also Production And Sales Of Brominated Flame Retardants In Products. American Chemtura Corporation In 2005 By The United States Crompton (Crompton Corporation) And Great Lakes Chemical (Great Lakes Chemical) From The Merger, Which Is Currently The World'S Leading Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer And Supplier. American Chemtura Developed Some Novel Flame Retardant To Replace DecaBDE, Attaches Great Importance To The Flame Retardant Products From Raw Materials To Produce Various Environmental Aspects Of The Recovery After The Waste, In Recent Years The United States Has Realized That China Chemtura Market It Is Very Important For Future Business Development.

   Given The Recent Domestic And Overseas Markets Diphenylolpropane, Phenol And Propylene And Other Raw Materials Prices Continue To Rise Sharply, The Recent US Chemtura Corporation Announced That Its Will Worldwide Brands Reofos And Kronitex The Implementation Of 25 Percent Of The Phosphate Flame Retardant Price Increases.

   Another US Manufacturer Of Phosphate Flame Retardants Supresta, Is Within The Range Of The World'S Famous Flame Retardant And Lubricant Manufacturers And Marketers. Its Main Brand Products Are Fyrol, Phosflex And Fyrolflex Like. At Present, These Flame Retardants Have Been Widely Used PC / ABS Alloy, PU Foam, Epoxy Resins, Phenolic Resins And PVC Resin.
In Addition, In Order To Meet Market Growth Requires Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardant, Japan Adeka (ADEKA) Also Decided To Changshu, China Adeka Fine Chemical Co. Phosphate Flame Retardants Production Capacity From The Current 10,000 Tons Expansion To 20,000 Tons. Coupled With China Taiwan Region Chemical Company

  In Changchun 0.6 Million Tons Of Phosphate Flame Retardants Currently Adeka Company Total Production Capacity Will Reach 30,000 Tons Of Scale.

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