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  • Diisooctyl Phenyl Phosphate

Diisooctyl Phenyl Phosphate

  • Description:
  • English name: Diisooctyl phenyl phosphate
    Color (Pt-Co): ≤60
    Density(ρ420) 1.04-1.05
    Acidity(KOHmg/g): ≤0.10
    Refractive index(η020): 1.520-1.530
    Country of origin: China
    Annual output: 500 tons

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English Name: Phosphoric Acid, Diisooctyl Phenyl Ester
English Name: Diisooctylphenyl Phosphate
CAS No.: 56846-22-1
Flash Point: 235 ° C
Density: 0.999g / Cm3
Refractive Index: 1.477
EINECS Number: 260-402-9
Molecular Weight: 398.516421
Molecular Formula: C22H39 O4 P
Boiling Point: 442.9 ° Cat760mmHg


Diisooctyl Phenyl Phosphate Use:

This product is PVC and synthetic resin products chelating agents and stabilizers. This product is in addition to a good suppression colors, but also increase the oxidation resistance and light stability.

1, PVC industry: food grade, medical grade pellets, transparent rigid sheet, transparent pipes, plastic sheeting, plastic film, shrink film.
2. Other synthetic resin industry: use as an antioxidant or stabilizer.
3, complex liquid and paste-like compound stabilizer.

Diisooctyl Phenyl Phosphate Production situation:

The product yield: 50 tons / month

Shipping Port:  China Shanghai

Price offer is valid: 15 days

Jincang time: 15 days (commodity inspection)

Export rights: the right to import and export company



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