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  • Diethyltoluenediamine Structure

Diethyltoluenediamine Structure

  • Description:
  • Chemical Name:

    Diethyltoluenediamine, DETDA


    light yellow to amber transparent liquid

    HS: 2921519090

    CAS No.: 68479-98-1

    Formula: C11H18N2

    Molecular Weight: 178.28

    Country of origin: China

    Annual output: 1000 tons

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       Diethyltoluenediamine Structure

       1. Quality Indicators:
       Appearance: Light Yellow To Amber Transparent Viscous Liquid
       Diamine Content (%): ≥99.0
       Amine Value (MgKOH / G): 620-630
       Moisture (%): ≤0.1

       2. Foreign Manufacturers DETDA Model
   Similar Foreign Products: US AIbemarle Corporation (Grades Ethacure 100), The Swiss Lonza Group (Grades Lonzacure DETDA 80), Germany Nitroil Company (Grades PCAmine ADA L80)

      3. The Product Uses
      Diethyltoluenediamine Is A Very Effective Chain Extender Of Polyurethane Elastomers, Particularly Suitable For RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) And SPUA (Spray Polyurea Elastomer) On; Also Be Used As A Polyurethane Elastomer And The Aromatic Epoxy Resin Diamine Curing Agent, Used For Casting, Coating, RIM And Adhesive Is Polyurethane And Polyurea Elastomer Chain Extender. DETDA Is A Sterically Hindered Aromatic Diamine, Ethyl And Methyl Steric Hindrance Such That Its Activity Is Much Lower Than That Of Toluene Diamine (TDA). It Is The Reaction Rate Of The Polyurethane Prepolymer Is Several Times Faster Than DMTDA, About 30 Times Faster Than MOCA. Mainly For RIM Polyurethane Systems And Spray Polyurethane (Urea) Elastomer Coating Systems, With Fast Response, Ejection Time Is Short, High Initial Strength, Hydrolysis Products, Heat And So On. In Addition, This Product Can Also Be Used As Elastomers, Lubricants And Industrial Oils Of Antioxidants, And Chemical Synthesis Intermediates.

    4, I Plant For Diethyltoluenediamine Product Description:
Cas No: 68479-98-1
Customs Code HS: 292159090
The Most Important Indicator Of Product: Light Yellow To Amber Transparent Liquid Content Of ≥98%, Moisture ≤0.1%, Chroma ≤150
Tax: Currently Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) Rebate Of 17%.
Raw Materials: Toluene Diamine (TDA) And Ethylene As Raw Materials.
Belong To Several Categories Of Dangerous Goods: Class 9 Dangerous Goods To Export.
Packing: Net Weight 200KG / Galvanized Iron (A Small Cabinet Loaded 16 Tons A Child Care), 1000KG / IB Barrel (A Small Cabinet Loaded 18 Tons) Or 23 Tons ISOTANK.

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