Application of spray polyurethane (urea) elastomer field DETDA

Spraying polyurethane elastomer technology has also undergone a similar three stages, polyurethane elastomer coating process Initially it was implemented, using polyols, aromatic isocyanates and amine catalysts, the system is sometimes also added some of the solvent to reduce viscosity. Since both the process and product performance, there are many defects, so, RIM PROCESS DETDA will soon be introduced to the spray elastomer technology. To this period, spray polyurethane (urea) elastomer DETDA application areas, specifically for the polyurethane elastomer coating equipment also will be available. In the late 1980s, when Texaco Inc. (now part of Huntsman Corporation) for the first time the industrial production of aliphatic amino terminated polyether, spray polyurethane developed to the third stage, the raw material elastomer system uses only a small amount of polyether polyol (semi-prepolymer with an isocyanate preparation), the active hydrogen component consists of the composition of amino terminated polyether and DETDA, without the need to add any catalyst to give the polyurea elastomer. ATPE reaction between an isocyanate and both quick and complete, the entire reaction process takes only a few notes bell, and almost independent of temperature and humidity, which greatly facilitates the construction site engineering applications. ATPE for spray polyurethane elastomer, not only provides a good processing performance, but also because the polymer having a polyurea structure, physical and mechanical properties of products, heat resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, etc., ordinary polyurethane elastomer unmatched.

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By means of modern spray technology, spray polyurea elastomer in industrial countries as the unique properties of the coating or lining material, widely used in construction of concrete anti-corrosion waterproof coatings, storage tanks, air tank and a storage tank corrosion rust-proof lining and a variety of transportation vehicles slip resistant protective layer, and so on. Similarly, in the spray polyurethane (urea) application, spray polyurethane elastomer elastomer DETDA areas in our country is in the research and in development, following the first in China to develop SPUA series of spray polyurea elastomer JSU series of spray polyurethane (urea ) elastomers also in June 2001 through the identification of the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department.

Throughout the overall momentum of development, it is considered a promotion and application of spray polyurea elastomer of poly boom in China has flourished.



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