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Triethyl Phosphate(TEP) (CAS:26444-49-5)

Packaging Details: Net weight 200KG/steel drum, 1000kg/IBC drum, or 20-23 ton/ ISO -TANK.
Delivery Detail: 15 days
Triethyl Phosphate(TEP)

Product name:Triethyl Phosphate
CAS NO.:78-40-0
Molecular Formula:(CH3CH2O)3PO
Molecular Weight:182.16

Product Quality:
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Content: = 99.5%
Refractive index (nD20): 1.4050-1.4070
Acid value (mgKOH/g): =0.05
Water content: = 0.2%

Chroma: = 20
Specific gravity: 1.069-1.073


High quality sale Triethyl Phosphate(TEP)

Product Name:Triethyl Phosphate (TEP)

Molecular Formula: C6H15O4p
Molecular Weight: 182.15


Flame retardant [78-40-0] Triethyl Phosphate(TEP)

Application OF Triethyl Phosphate(TEP):
1.Colourless,transparent and tiny odor oily liquid,flash point 115~116°C,b.p. 210°C~220°C,freezing point -56°C,refractive index 1.4055(20°C).
2.Insoluble in ethanol,ether,benzene and other organic solvent. Also soluble in the water,but would gradually hydrolyze with the increase of the temperature.
3.Extensively used as rubber,plastic plasticizer. Also can be used as the material that make for the agricultural insecticide,and used as the ethylating reagent and catalyzer in the production of ketene.
Package and storage,safety

1.Packed in zincification iron drum,net weight 200 kg/drum.
2.Stored at dry,shady,ventilated place. Prevented from collision and sunrays,rain-attack during handling and shipping.
3.Met the high hot and clear fire or contact the oxidizing agent,caused the burning danger.

flame retardant 99.5% Triethyl phosphate

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 200kgs/iron drum 1000KGS/IBC; 20-23MTS/ISOTANK.
Delivery Detail: As soon as possible after the order confirmed

flame retardant 99.5% Triethyl phosphate
1.Cas no.: 78-40-0
2.Colorless transparent liquid
3.Assay: 99.5% min

Flame retardant 99.5% Triethyl phosphate
Molecular formula: C18H39O7P
CAS No. :78-51-3
Package:200kgs/iron drum, Measurement:560×890mm;1000KGS/IBC; 20-23MTS/ISOTANK.
The product is used as the flame retardant agent for polyurethane, cellulose, polyethylene alcohol etc. formed hard plastics. It is characterized by low temperature.


Hot Selling Flammable Inhibitor Triethyl Phosphate TEP CAS 78-40-0

Product Name:
Triethyl phosphate
Triethyl Phosphate (TEP); Triethylphosphatecolorlessliq; Phosphoric acid triethyl
ester; TEP; Flame retardant-TEP; BHGUARD-TEP
CAS RN: 78-40-0
EINECS: 201-114-5

Molecular Weight:182.1547
Molecular Formula: C6H15O4P
Density: 1.066g/cm3

Melting Point(℃): -56℃
Boiling Point(℃): 219.3°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point(℃): 115.6°C
refractive_index: 1.405
Water Solubility:SOLUBLE

for polyurethane foam plastic unsaturated polyester rubber PVC low smell TDCPP

for polyurethane foam plastic unsaturated polyester rubber PVC low smell TDCPP Triethyl Phosphate retardant treatCAS:13674-87-8
Molecular formula:C9H15O4Cl6P
Molecular weight:430.76

It is colorless transparent oily liquid , Specific gravity(20°C)1.504, Conversion raten n20D1.498, Flash point(open)251°C, Freeze point-6°C, Decompose temperature 230°C, solubility 0.01%(30°C), P 7.2%, Cl 49.4% ;soluble in ethanol and chloroform, insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon.

It has good performance for fire retarding and plasticity. It can be used as fire retardant for PVC, soft or hard foam polyurethane, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, polyester fiber & rubber conveyer belt. Besides self-extinguishing character, it can impove other performances of product, such as water proof, element resistance, antistatic performance, soft feeling, dosage is 15-10% for soft or hard foam polyurethane, 10% in pvc, self extinguishing in 1 seconds, 5% for polyester fiber.Compared with other similar products, our product feautures low chroma, low acidity and low viscosity.

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Triethyl Phosphate; TEP Fire Retardant; China Producer

colorless transparent liquid, Melting point -56.5ºC Boiling point 215-216ºC,Flash point 115.5ºC,Relative Densityd2041.0695(20ºC),Refractive index1.4055(20ºC).

Flame retardant and intensifier of plastic and rubber; raw materials of pesticide insecticides; curing agent of resin of stabilizer; high Boiling point solvent, catalyst and so on.
Output:8,000 T/A
25KG plastic drum; 200KG plastic drum/steel barrel; 1,000KG IBC ; 20-23MT ISO-TANK


High quality Triethyl Phosphate


Packaging Details:200kgs iron drum, Measurement:560 890mm;1000KGS IBC; 20-23MTS ISOTANK.
Delivery Detail:one week

Appearance: Achromatic transparent liquid
Assay % : 99.5min
Acid Value(mgKOH/g): 0.05max
Acidity(as H3PO4%): 0.01max
Refractive Index(nD20) :1.4050~1.4070
Water Content %: 0.2max
Density D2020:1.069~1.073


Triethyl Phosphate (TEP)(Cas no:78-40-0)

Colorless,easy fluid transparent liquid,has slight fruit odor.Melting point-54.6°C,boiling point:215.26°C,Relative density1.068,Index of refraction 1.4055/20°C,Saturated vapor pressure: 0.13kPa/39°C,Viscosity:1.6cp.Immiscible in water, a slight decomposition. Immiscible in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents, insoluble in petroleum ether.
Chemical property:

Stable at room temperature, heating slowly hydrolyzed to generate diethyl phosphate.

In Triethyl phosphate which leads to hydrogen chloride to produce ethylene oxide, phosphate ester, phosphate ester with phenyl magnesium bromide in ether – toluene mixture boiling liquid, the resulting phenyl diethyl phosphate and diethyl phosphonic acid with butanol and a small amount of alcohol when boiled with sodium, a phosphoric acid diethyl ester, phosphoric acid diethyl ester, ether, and the small butoxide, etc.and then boiled with dilute sodium hydroxide solution sufficient to produce diethyl aniline with morpholine heated to 157-159 °C, to generate 4 – ethyl morpholine.