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Application DMTDA Rise Molded PU Foam

    My Company'S E-300 As A Curing Agent, Has Good Mechanical Properties Of Low-Density Polyurethane Foam Molded Veins. Hydrogenated MDI As The Isocyanate Component Values, NCO Index Of 1.00, So That E-300 At 23 ℃ Mixed With 30s, When The Gel Division About 28 Min. So That 50 Parts Voranol 4703 Polyether Polyol, 50 Parts Voranol 4925 Polymer Polyol, 1.5 Parts Diethanolamine, 4.0 Parts Water, 4.0 Parts Of Niax Y-10184A, 1. 2 Parts Of Dabco 33 LV, 0 15 Parts Of Niax A-1 Catalyst, 2.5 Parts Of A Mixture Of E-300 And 49.1 Parts Mondur TD-80 (TDI-80) At 230C, 1200 Rev / Min Speed Mixing Under 4s, Then Poured Another Container Between The Milk-Mail Inch Observation Of 7s, Thickening Time Of 38 S, Free Rise Time Of 78 S, The Foam In Good Condition.

    So That The Above-Mentioned Components Are Mixed Non-TDI, Then Added TDI-80, And Stirred At 1200 R / Min Speed 5s, The Reaction Mixture Was Added A Mold And Sealed, 2 Min After The Mold Into An Oven 8 Min 60 ℃, And Then Stripping, The Resulting Foam At 25 ℃ And 50% Relative Humidity Aging 7d, The Mechanical Properties Measured As Follows: Density 30. 24 Kg / M3, Tear Strength 311. 7 N / M, Tensile Strength 142.83 KPa, Elongation Of 108%, 25% IFD 200. 1 KPa, 65% IFD 600. 3 KPa.

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